My aspie obsession is paying off

Ok, so here’s what happened.  Back in March, I got x-rays done at the dentist.  They told me I had a cavity where a filling had already been done and that I’d need a root canal and a crown.  All together, it would have run me about $2,200.  I don’t begin to have that kind of money, and I couldn’t get a credit card because of the debt that I paid off a few months ago.  I was in quite a pickle.

Then the lady who does the financial stuff said that they might be willing to give me a break on the bill in exchange for some photography work.  Early in April, I heard from them again saying that they would do it all for the photo work, no money exchanged.  I was happy.

Before I heard from the dentist, a friend of mine and Michelle’s also offered to do the work for some pictures of her new office, so we arranged that she would do the root canal (her specialty), my dentist would do the crown, and I would do the pictures for all of them.  It’s an extremely awesome deal, and I’m super excited to get a chance to do some genuine professional photography.

I started getting into photography a few years after I graduated from high school, and I really got serious about it in late 2012.  Or maybe 2011.  One of those years.  One of my old hobbies was playing Magic: the Gathering, but I sold my thousands of cards (big thanks to Resoman for buying them) and got a DSLR.  Now my skills are growing, the camera has paid for itself several times over, and I don’t have to endure tooth pain while I try to figure out how to get a high interest loan to pay for the dental work.

Life is good. 😀