From the NT perspective

One of the truly great resources used by Aspies and hopefully, studied by neurotypicals, is and an Aspie from Denmark recently posted about the importance of good communication between Aspies and NTs. She offers an approach from her own experience that has enabled much better understanding of Aspies by NTs and the resulting improvement in communication between them. Her learning experience has helped her grow from having to speak “NT” to being able to speak more as an Aspie by teaching NTs how to speak Aspie. Intriguing. Her post at is well worth reading and heeding, both for NTs and for Aspies, and makes a lot of good sense for all of us.

Famous Aspies Throughout History

This is a  repeat of a post I recently entered on our Facebook site, and I’m now trying it out on the blog to test my abilities as an author. Good instructions were provided by our colleague, Ankh Oneiros Infinitus and if you need instructions to begin entering posts, you can find them on the Houston Aspie Discussion Facebook page under his name.

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