New Aspie social venues online and in real life

Just a brief post to note that I (and my co-authors) have discovered a lively Aspie social venue on Facebook called “Adults with Asperger’s Syndrome”.  It is a very “busy” Facebook page with multiple posts from multiple members daily.  The interaction is lively and (for the most part) friendly.  Sometimes things do spiral into harsh flame wars, but the moderators usually intervene and ban the more abusive, trollish types.  I mostly stay out of any religious or political topic that comes up.  I get the impression most members of that page are nonreligious, but there are a few sincere believers as well…some relatively cool, others pure zealots.  I’ve made a few online Facebook friends via this group and it’s a really neat thing.  Mostly the folks there are sympathetic and mutually supportive, and I’m really glad I found it.  I contribute infrequently, to threads that interest me.  It’s the kind of Facebook group that can really lift my spirits at times.  Really grateful they exist.

In the real world, some of my co-authors and I have had some tentative meetings with a group called “ASD Adults” (formerly known as “Adults with Autism”); Most of the members so far seem to be located on the extreme Southeast outskirts of town, towards Galveston, League City, and the like.  We did meet them once at a Joe’s Crab Shack off I-45 South a few Fridays back.  They seemed like a good bunch of people.  The organizer tried to set up a Meetup location in Sugar Land but unfortunately only I and one of my coauthors actually showed up, none from the main group.  That was unfortunate though perhaps not unexpected.  I will keep an eye on future events and see if I can fit them into my schedule accordingly.  I think going forward it will play out that we will have to go to them for any meaningful interaction.  I don’t see them coming to us on the far SW and West side of town (Sugar Land/Katy, respectively), nor do I predict their compromising with some more equidistant locale like Pearland.  They might, but I’m not betting on it.

Still the one evening we did spend together that Friday evening at the Joe’s Crabshack was fun and I look forward to being able to repeat that experience later in the Summer or in the Fall. 

More recently many of the co-authors of this blog gathered together to enjoy a local minor league baseball home game in my city (in the SW suburbs of Houston) and afterward we reconvened at my residence to stay up and watch Anime together.  It was a fun evening out and I think we all enjoyed ourselves.  I think sometimes we may annoy some of our fellow game attendees insofar as we only intermittently pay attention to the game itself and often just talk amongst ourselves about topics of personal interest, including Asperger’s itself…but other times most of our neighboring game goers seem able to ignore us and watch the game or be engaged in their own private conversations and not bothered by ours.  I embarrassed myself a little by dropping an “F-bomb”, having failed to notice some young children behind us, which drew a polite but firm request from the parent behind us to please be mindful of our language with “young ears” present.  Acutely embarrassed, I apologized and we all settled in to watch the game, though as the innings wore on I noticed this family had either left the ballpark or relocated to other seating more to their liking.  I got a bit more relaxed when a group of just-out-of-college working men closer to my age sat behind us for a bit, as they were more relaxed and salty in their speech as well.

Anyway, all in all it was a fun evening out and I look forward to our being able to do something like that again next month (August) as well.