What a difference getting help makes

It’s been several months since I started getting disability payments, and it has been a huge help to me.  I no longer suffer from the stress of working at retail jobs.  I don’t have to panic when I get sick because I can go to a doctor.  I can sharpen my photography skills with new equipment.  I have been more productive in the past few months than I was in all the time since I graduated from high school.  I could even put together a halfway decent resume if I really wanted to look for a job.  I don’t, of course, because I’m pursuing photography, but here are a few items I would put on it.

* Photographer for meetings of Houston Oasis, a local 501(c) organization and growing secular community

* Member of the Houston Oasis marketing committee

* Leader of support group meetings for adults with Asperger’s Syndrome

* Admininstrator of a growing Facebook group for adults with Asperger’s Syndrome in the Houston area

* Webmaster of my own photography website (http://www.jpmitchellphotography.com)


I’m kidding about the last one.  Nobody could ever defeat Trog-Dor.  But anyway, I’d say that’s pretty good so far, and it’s thanks in large part to the freedom I have now to explore my interests.  It’s gratifying to know that I’m putting the money to good, productive use.