Surveys for Two Upcoming Books

This might be worth contributing to. I will consider doing so myself, and I encourage our spectrum readers to give it some thought as well. We need to help each other move forward.


Dear spectrum world,

I could use your help…

For those of you who remember or know my first book, Asperger’s From the Inside-Out…, you’ll recall that I included a plethora of stories from other people on the spectrum. Not only did this make that book much better than it would have been without the stories of multiple spectrumites, but it also gave voice to those who contributed. Now contracted to write two more books, I think I’d have to be an idiot to do the new books any other way.

So if you’re on the spectrum, I’m asking for your experiences. And if you’re on or off the spectrum, I’m asking you to forward this email to as many sources as possible.

The two attachments below each contain a survey pertaining to each book.

Book #1 is about being unemployed when you are on the autism spectrum. I know that a…

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