The upsides to high intelligence

I recently saw an article about the unexpected downsides to high intelligence, and it occurs to me that maybe the upsides don’t get enough attention, so here is a list of good things about being a smartypants.

  1. We have interesting things to talk about.
  2. We are able to figure out the solutions to problems quickly and easily.
  3. We are seldom bored because of the universe that exists in our minds
  4. People can understand what we’re saying because we write and speak (more or less) correctly.
  5. We often succeed at what we’re trying to do because we know how to do things.  As a result, we are less frustrated.
  6. We do better in school with less effort.
  7. More people respect us.
  8. Many of us are hilarious.
  9. The art we create is more profound and meaningful.
  10. It takes us fewer words to convey more ideas.
  11. We have more ideas to convey.

I can add to this list if anyone gives me any more good ones that aren’t repeats of what I already listed.  An intelligent person would have a less hard time thinking of them. :p



Now you may speak.

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