We are everywhere

So today I went to my usual Houston Atheists Meetup in the Meyerland area. Not only did my friend JC show up whom I already suspect is on the spectrum (last time he proudly presented me with a list, typewritten, of all the movies he’d ever seen from 1961-1974, including the exact date and movie theater name and location—-to which I said to myself, ding!ding!ding! We have an Aspie!)…today we met a slightly disheveled, possibly homeless man I will call TW; He was pretty cool, self-described Sci Fi fan, and atheist. But he also mentioned his contra-dancing class and recording the name and age of all of his dance partners including taking a photo of each….telltale Aspie behavior. Including getting bawled out by a mother who demanded to know why he was taking pictures of her teen daughter…and he described shrinking back and defending himself attempting to explain and saying “I’m creepy, yeah, but not like that!”; I suppressed a laugh into a simple, polite smile. Yep, definitely a fellow Aspie, but like JC, an older retirement-age adult and probably undiagnosed but painfully clearly an Aspie to me. We recognize our own.

Side note:  I typed all of the above on my iPad while watching the Rockets vs. OKC playoff game #1.  Not too shabby.  I’m now editing this and looking it over on my desktop upstairs during halftime.


Now you may speak.

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