Problematic “Splash” page of a local sports team

I highlight 2 problems I have with the “Splash” page of a local Minor league baseball franchise that my city’s home team. I live not far from their stadium and attended a game last night with one of co-authors from this blog. I thought it important enough to stay up late recording and editing.


2 thoughts on “Problematic “Splash” page of a local sports team

  1. For the lulz, turn on the automatic captioning after you watch this the first time….it gets it right about half the time, but the other half of the time, YouTube/Google is hilariously wrong and nonsensical.

  2. I just half to add this comment as a window into the social anxiety induced by the Aspergian mind…I also posted this video to my Facebook page. I noticed in Facebook a former co-worker (who I know is religious) that I had an update of her commenting on one of my posts. It didn’t specify which post. It also noted that my co-author Ankh had commented on the same post.

    As it turns out, it was about my going to an upcoming Houston Astros game, so all a false alarm on my part, BUT!

    BUT I spent all day since seeing that FB update worried the comment from the religious former co-worker was on my video post and afraid she had said something unkind or had taken offense to my taking offense to the “Faith and Family Night” event…and I had worried that my co-author (and friend) Ankh had jumped to my defense and been blistering in response…and I would then have to come in and try to mediate things while still sticking up for myself. I was so anxious about facing this potential bru-ha-ha (all an invention in my head, turns out, but no less anxiety producing because of it!) that I literally avoided looking into that part of Facebook until about 5 minutes ago.

    The sense of relief, that my imagined scenario had no basis in reality, was enormous…but I wanted to share this window into my mind because this is one of the mental tortures we ASD people are subject to almost daily at times. Having had so many negative and awkward social interactions that we’re hyper-paranoid and always second-guessing ourselves mere seconds after having written or said anything to anyone in person or in social media. We agonize over every sentence, word choice, etc….or at least I do…both during composition and especially AFTERWARD.

    My ultimate Aspie frustration is writing something to someone, and spending hours upon hours in the process of composition…resisting the urge to “Shoot from the hip”, trying to soften language and bend over backwards to not give offense, trying to be as polite as possible, craft as balanced and diplomatic a message as I can muster…..and the (NT) person is still offended and takes it horribly….it’s the kind of thing that makes me throw up my hands in despair and berate myself with “Why do I even f*cking try!?” and the sense of, if I’d just “shot from the hip” (verbally speaking) and let the chips fall where they may, sure I’d probably piss off/alienate someone but at least I’d have some temporary emotional satisfaction at saying what I really think bluntly and honestly…

    Sometimes it does pay off to soft-pedal and be diplomatic; I’m not advocating not doing so. But it is so hearbreakingly frustrating for an Aspie when his/her best efforts still fail spectacularly in certain instances like that….

    In any event, I did leave a brief Facebook comment on the Skeeter’s Facebook page registering my disapproval of the “Strike out Autism” advert. I was diplomatic and said in writing with a short comment that I got that they were looking for a clever baseball-related “hook”, but that as an adult with A.S. I found the phrasing problematic. There were other fans who were more approving—namely parents of children with “classical” autism, perhaps unsurprisingly. That remains a point of tension (the differing views of parents of autistic children and adults with an ASD) in the wider ASD community, as any follower of Landon Bryce or Karla’s ASD page know all too well.

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