iTunesU, Yale lectures on Autism

I am currently working my way through a lecture course on Autism sponsored by Yale University and available through iTunesU for free.  If you are fortunate enough to own an iPad, or a sophisticated enough iPhone, you know that Apple recently pared off iTunesU as a separate “app” on your main screen.  This is where you should search for the course, using keywords “Yale” and “Autism”.  I downloaded and watched lecture 1 last night.  Pretty good overview so far; A lot of it I knew from my own research, but even still there were a few bits of research and other facts that I did not know, so I still learned something new as well.  Not least is that when it comes to inheritance, there seems to be a strong link through the father, which backs up my own hypothesis about my biological father that I have inferred from the available evidence in my adoption file which I obtained from the Social Services division of the government of the State of South Carolina.

One shocking detail I learned is that the formal autism DX wasn’t added to the DSM until 1980.  I have a World Book encyclopedia from 1979, and there is an entry for autism, but it wasn’t codified and added to the psychiatric DSM until 1980.  Wow.  I knew that Asperger’s was added in 1994, but had assumed Autism was part of the DSM much earlier than 1980–boy was I wrong.

Anyway, it looks like a good video course, and I highly recommend it based on what I’ve seen so far.


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