Challenges with priortizing…paperwork,etc.

Originally posted this on our Facebook group but then decided it was probably a blog-worth topic;

Another one of those “don’t know if it’s a me thing or an Aspie thing…” but I’m just gonna put it out there. It seems like ever since college and maybe before and definitely down to the present, whenever I collect paperwork, information, details about upcoming events, whatever, I have a hard time knowing how to prioritize it, so what I will typically do is leave it lying open faced on a dresser, or ottoman, or some other flat service. In college, I would usually chuck it face up into one of my dorm room desk drawers, with the good intention to get back to it. In college, it became a ritual at the end of the semester to clean out said desk drawer as part of the dormitory check-out process. I would comb through all these fliers, printouts, etc and some of it I would recall having gone through with and enjoyed, while some of it I apparently forgot about and missed completely and would chide myself for not having remembered said event, etc.

At home today I do much the same, until my dresser/ottoman, etc, become cluttered with too much paperwork then I go back and carefully sift through all these documents, fliers, etc. Most of it can be safely tossed either into paper recycling or (if it contains sensitive personal info) into the shredder. Very little of it actually deserves to have a file folder created and filed away into my permanent records filing cabinet. I’m currently in the middle of just such a “Spring cleaning” process and in the middle of recycling and shredding various things. I think I set some of these things aside because their mere existence makes me ancy and I’m just not quite sure what to do with them at the time. I have a vague sense that they could be important but am unsure of how to act from there. Does this happen to any of you?

Likewise, try as I might to organize my shoes neatly in the closet, over time I become lazy and once again they get scattered all over the floor in pairs, ready for me to step into whichever pair may be appropriate for the particular outing I am going to….I will probably put them all away soon (again), but I have little doubt that over time they’ll all be back out on the floor again. Terrible habit, wish I could be more self disciplined about this.

One strategy that I’ve found to be successful is bringing my latest bills, book of stamps, and checkbook with me to work; we have a basket for “outgoing stamped mail” at my workplace…when it comes round to that time of the month, I sit there in my cubicle and pay my bills while waiting for my computer to boot up, etc, for the day. I find I always procrastinate and wait until the last minute with bills if I leave them lying around at home and try to pay them while I’ve got all the other distractions of home to grab my attention. When I can knock them out right before the workday starts, I feel like I accomplished something and am less stressed about it later.

Also, I can always rely on my mother to chide me for doing (possibly fun) activity X instead of more productively spending doing (useful, helpful, though often tedious and boring) activity Y.  Gee, thanks, mom.  This usually happens on weekends and is part of the price I pay for not living independently of my parents.



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