Severe meltdown at McDonald’s

I just got back from McDonald’s, where my girlfriend’s son had the worst meltdown we’ve ever seen him have.  He was playing very nicely at the video game kiosk with a kid who was hogging it and yelling at him for taking his own turns at the game they were playing.  Then he finally left and he was playing with a MUCH nicer kid.  Everything seemed fine, but then we noticed that our Little Dinosaur had some liquid leaking out of the legs of his diaper, so my girlfriend went to change him.  As soon as she picked him up, he completely lost it.  He screamed, he kicked, he threw up, and then he screamed, and kicked some more.  Instead of take two minutes to change his diaper and let him continue playing, we had to leave.

We strapped Little Dinosaur into his car seat and waited for the meltdown to subside, which took approximately 18,000 years.  We did everything we could to stay calm and prevent the situation from escalating, and I think we did a great job.  We didn’t even consider spanking him or yelling at him.  It wasn’t a matter of discipline.  It wasn’t L.D.’s fault.  He had taken as much stimulation as he could take.  He was as rational as a 3 year old with no more patience can be.  Every eye in the place was on us.  It was quite a scene.

Once he calmed down, we got in the car and drove back home.  Little Dinosaur was asleep by the time we arrived.  Now he’s laying on the couch perfectly calm again.  We’ll have to remember this the next time we decide to take him to a noisy, crowded place.  You’d think that such environments aren’t good for aspies. :p

Now you may speak.

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