The Answer To Our Biggest Problems

The best treatment for our deepest issues as aspies is not for us to try harder to fit in or modify our behavior.  Much better than a treatment, we have a cure, and that’s to understand that there is nothing wrong with us.  We are different, not defective.  We can do things that neurotypicals can’t even dream of, and our value to society has been demonstrated on numerous occasions throughout history.  We are an elite class of human being, and we should be proud of what we can do.  Once we accept ourselves, we no longer have to tolerate others trying to “cure” us, and they will have no choice but to accept us as well.


2 thoughts on “The Answer To Our Biggest Problems

  1. While I sometimes enjoy your Aspie Superiority thesis, Ankh, I can’t fully subscribe to or endorse it. Everyone needs feedback and a reality check from one’s peers every now and then, whether NT or Aspie. I agree that we’re “Different, not less”, but I don’t think we’re superhuman, either. Yes, acceptance is key, but even you must agree on some level that there are some of us who could stand to improve their behavior and work on normalization and restraint not only for everyone else but also for their own benefit (JW). Some gentle pushback, even from one’s own (other Aspies), is sometimes needed. I agree that “cure” is a “four letter word” (in the figurative as well as literal sense), but that doesn’t mean personal self-improvement isn’t still desirable or possible. NTs still greatly outnumber us. I think our ability to keep cool heads and not give in to emotional breakdowns (despite the backlash cries of “lack of empathy”) have been key to survival of the human race down to this point, though. We have been those most in tune with nature & animals, have been the insightful engineers, the abstract thinkers, the army scouts, etc, that have done our bit to ensure general human survival, and NT society discards us at their peril. So while I probably agree more than disagree with you on most levels, I guess I kind of dial it back a notch or two.

    • I didn’t say that we’re superior, though we clearly are superior in the areas where we pour our “aspie focus”. I just meant basically what you said, that our unique abilities make us indispensable, and we should be treated with deference while at the same time coached in the social graces.

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