What Caused My Depression (and How I Conquered It)

This post is in response to my previous post entitled “The Unhappy Side”, which dealt with the depression and increased loneliness I use to have. Now that I’ve given it some more thought, and read over that post again, loneliness, coupled with underdeveloped social skills, is what likely caused my depression in the first place. I’m writing this new post because that wasn’t something I knew or realized then.

Before I became depressed, I didn’t have many friends. Through most of junior high, and the first couple years of high school, there was only one person I considered to be a close friend. The majority of my social interaction with that friend and other not as close friends was in/during school. Once I started high school, I didn’t have that close friend in school with me anymore. We remained friends, he just went to a different high school than I did.

Sure, their were still other people I knew and considered to be friends that went to high school with me. Although, my relationships with them, unlike with my close friend, deteriorated more and more as time went by. This was largely because of my underdeveloped social skills and lack of good knowledge on how to maintain a friendship. I didn’t keep in contact with most of those friends outside of school, aside from a rare phone call here and there. To some extent, I knew how to keep in touch, like when I’d call them. More often though, I relied on them to call me to talk and/or get together and hang out. This was the case even with the close friendships I developed later in high school.

At least with the latter, as I was developing those later friendships, Facebook had recently been invented. As I mentioned in my previous post, Facebook was a big help in significantly reducing my loneliness, and in turn, eliminating my depression. This is because most of my friends and other people I knew made accounts on Facebook, and eventually became my Facebook friends.

Something else that also helped me greatly reduce my loneliness, beat depression, and improve my social skills was an aspie support group I began attending sometime during high school. I learned a lot from this group. I met other people like myself, who shared similar life experiences, similar challenges, and other things they struggled with. I even learned about the many positives of being an aspie. I discovered I had a lot in common with these people, aside from just having Asperger’s Syndrome. I made many friends in this group, which further aided in the eventual conquering of my depression.

In conclusion, I think I can say with much certainty that loneliness, coupled with underdeveloped social skills, was indeed the cause of my depression. Through the many great friendships I made over time, the advent of Facebook, and more developed social skills, I was able to conquer my depression. I now live a much happier, comfortable life because of that.


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