Don’t write NTs off

I’ve heard my fellow aspies disparage neurotypicals as sources of help, but it seems to me that we depend on their assistance to cope with a world dominated by them just as they depend on our amazing abilities to move society forward.  One feature common among many aspies is a lack of “theory of mind” or the realization that not everyone experiences the world as we do.  How would such a person be able to help people who have completely different points of view?  The liaison between aspies and mortals has to be a neurotypical.  Only they have the instinctive empathy that a counselor needs to have in order to translate our uniqueness and indispensability to others, and we definitely need that message delivered if we are to survive and the human race will continue to advance scientifically, artistically, and culturally.


2 thoughts on “Don’t write NTs off

  1. Thank you for cutting us NTs some slack in the relationship with Aspies, especially those of us who are trying our best to understand and to learn to interact in a meaningful and positive way. I think we all benefit when we reach out to those who are not “like us”, whether it be Aspies and NTs or other categories of personality or cultural differences. A win-win can be the result for all who wish to make it that way and this NT is most interested in that result.

  2. Thank you to our NT advocates and allies who are willing to learn about ASD’s and ASD people. Please forgive our occasional yielding to the temptation to engage in NT bashing. It’s hard sometimes not to bash back in prose when we realize how we’ve been the object of repression and bullying most of our lives by less enlightened NTs and NT culture as a whole. We do sometimes have a need to vent our anger and frustration in our writing.

    I feel as though all social justice movements deal with this kind of tension from time to time…like tensions between factions of the (black) Civil Rights movement and its white allies, or straight allies of the LGBT community, or the very uneasy relationship between religious moderates and the freethought community standing against religious fundamentalism.

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