Frank’s kinda Story:

I would once again say my name is Frank and I am 28 years old.  From grades K-2 I went to St. Thomas Moore grade school.  It was a K-8 school.  Then in 3rd grade I went to a school called Ms. Wagners.  Then in 4th grade I went to a school called Cliffwood.  By the way I forgot to mention that I repeated Kindergarten.  Then from 5th to 7th grade I was Home Schooled.  Then in 8th grade I went to a school called West Houston Jr. Sr. High School.  I did math and english at the school then did home schooling for the other subjects. Me and parents decided that was no good so we I did 8th grade over again the next year and went to West Houston Jr. Sr. High School for all the subjects.  Then from 9th to 12th grade I went to Westburry High School.  I can’t remember if i got modifications at West Houston or not,but I know for sure I got modifications at Westburry High School.  I went to Houston Community College (HCC) from 2004 to 2006 and I got modifications there also.  No I did not get a Degree at HCC since I mostly did remedial classes.  Then in 2007 I got a job at Target for 1 month.  Also in 2007 is when I found out that I had Asperger’s.  Then in April 22 2008 that is when I got hired by Primeflight Aviation Services from 2008 till june 30th of 2012.  Then from july 1st 2012 to present I work for AirservPrimeflight lost its contract with United and Airserv won the contract instead so they just rolled over all the employiess from Primflight to Airserv.  My goal is to work for United Airlines as a Ticket Agent or (aka) Airport Sales Agent.


Now you may speak.

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