Thankful for…

I’m thankful for my diagnosis, for it is better to know than to not know and stumble around the dark in ignorance.  I’m thankful my previous boss, who was an almost sadistic workplace bully, was finally at long last fired.  I’m thankful for my co-worker in my department with whom I very much enjoy working.  I’m thankful for my Aspie friends, who “get” me, and my NT friends who have put in the extra effort to “get” me.  I’m thankful for internet access, for Japanese Anime.  I’m thankful for a full time local government job with benefits and a modest pension plan.  I’m thankful for a good car that works despite its age, and look forward to replacing it soon with the same model updated.  I’m thankful when I can still manage to make time to read a good book, either on paper or in audiobook form.  I’m thankful for podcasts that are witty and informative and help me stay cheerful and free of boredom at work.  I’m thankful for lunch break with my gamer and comic book nerd friends.  I’m thankful for my atheist peeps at Houston Oasis and other local Freethought gatherings.  I’m thankful to be alive in this time and place.  I’m thankful I was married, got to experience love so intensely.  I’m thankful I’m divorced and free with no children to be responsible for.  I’m thankful I’m not too old to have a reasonable chance of a better relationship in the future.  I’m thankful for cooler weather, when we can get it.  I’m thankful for my parents and their support, even when they get on my nerves and we don’t always see eye to eye.  I’m thankful to have learned all I can legally know about my birth parents back in South Carolina, for it reveals my biological father was most likely an undiagnosed Aspie himself.  I’m thankful for the spare time to be able to put down these words contemplatively in the peace & quiet of my own room.


One thought on “Thankful for…

  1. A lot of great things to be thankful for, many of which we share in common. From a supportive family, to our shared interests, our atheism, a good number of good friends who “get” us, etc. Maybe one day I’ll get to enjoy the happiness and love that comes from marriage and/or a close relationship with woman. At this point, that is something that would be nice to experienced before I die.

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