Positives about being an Aspie

The name speaks for itself, as there are many good things about being an Aspie. This video is worth watching, whether or not you’re an Aspie. After watching it myself, I can relate to much of what is said. Oh, and props to TheAnMish for creating this video.


4 thoughts on “Positives about being an Aspie

    • I agree. What you said about hyperfocusing is something I also enjoy. Having a desire to learn as much as possible on a topic of interest can be useful too. Learning as much as you can about one subject could in turn lead to the desire to learn about another subject.

      For example, I like anime. My interest in anime once spawned an interest in learning Japanese. Wanting to learn another language developed into me wanting to create my own. This led to me learning a lot about the languages I was interested in using words and grammar from for my language. For all I know, one day this could lead to something else (practical or not), like actually learning the languages I borrowed from for my own language project.

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