How my #1 rule saved my self esteem

Over the years, I’ve had a lot of problems doing things that everyone else seems to have no trouble at all with – namely, getting and keeping a job.  Every time I work at a place for very long, it strikes me that I’m wasting my time doing something completely meaningless and beneath me.  I spent years wondering what was missing in me that everyone else seemed to have that allowed them to cope with the misery of their lives.

But then I remembered something very important that had escaped me.  Back in high school, I came up with what I call my number one rule.  Never let anybody make you feel bad about yourself.  Every time I felt uncomfortable or inadequate, I thought of it, and I felt better.  When I applied it to my struggles with working, it allowed me to see the situation from a different perspective.  It’s not that other people have something that I lack.  I have something that they lack.  The flaw isn’t within me.  It’s in my environment.

I no longer have to remind myself not to let other people make me feel bad about myself.  I’ve internalized it, and it has blossomed into a healthy sense of self confidence.  I encourage everybody who finds themselves feeling like they’re not good enough or like something is wrong with them to come up with a motto or a rule that they can keep in mind when things get tough.  It can help you carry yourself through the hard times.


3 thoughts on “How my #1 rule saved my self esteem

  1. You’ve taken a great step and we can all learn from what you have now made work for you. In addition to your “discovery” about yourself, you also seem to realize that you add a lot of value to any organization or discussion in which you participate. I’ve observed this at the Aspie meetings and I’m sure that any employer for whom you might work will find the same to be true of you.

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