and away we go…

So it looks like we will be sticking with WordPress for the time being.  If no one else objects, rather than deleting my Blogger presence, I think I shall be re-purposing it to be focused on the intersection of Anime and Asperger’s.  This will be of limited interest to most but should be fun for those of us who are into that medium of art.  Just an idea, anyway.

I fully admit I can always do home video on my own YouTube account and re-link it here, that can always be done.  I liked the direct posting ability of blogger, but as Josh correctly points out, it is really no biggie to use YT as a work-around.  Or even (probably) MySpace if I wanted to.
Anyway, the main obstacle is getting everyone who is already on Blogger to convert over to WordPress and really get this thing going.



3 thoughts on “and away we go…

  1. Please note, the “link” to H.A.D. on Facebook is not currently working and might not ever work…might be best to either delete or just ask people to search for “Houston Aspie Discussion” on FB once they are there.

  2. Congrats on setting up the blog for us. This should be a good resource and a place that will attract sharing of Aspies and NTs who are all interested in learning and contributing to the discussion effort.

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