Self confidence unlocks intelligence

There are a lot of smart people in the aspie community, but self confidence is very hard to come by to our people.  It’s a real shame too because without self confidence, intelligence can only take a person so far.  It traps a person’s thinking within the narrow boundaries prescribed by other people, and it limits our potential to what others allow.

The world of neurotypicals is a difficult place for aspies to cope with because of our sensory differences and different patterns of thought, and when a person realizes he or she is different, it’s easy to judge those differences as deficiencies.  It makes sense for the only person in a room wearing a blue sweater to think that he should be wearing a red one like everyone else, but in the case of aspies, we’re born wearing a blue sweater, and we can’t take it off.  We can try to wear a red one over it, but the blue always seems to show at the edges.  We forget that our blue sweaters are actually very nice, and in many ways they are better than the red one worn by everyone else.

With self confidence comes the freedom to express ourselves and to apply our intelligence to whatever area we want, unrestricted by worries about how others will see us.  With self confidence comes the ability to cope better with stress and better health.

When people see someone who is confident, they have one of two reactions; admiration or contempt.  We lead those who look at us with admiration, but those who look at us with contempt have the most to learn.  A self confident person treats others with compassion and respect and can win over critics.  Self confidence moves society in positive directions, and it is the most intelligent of us who should be at the wheel.


One thought on “Self confidence unlocks intelligence

  1. A neurotypical seeking to be a part of the Aspie discussion to learn and to contribute. Dialogue with this talented Aspie community provides a wealth of learning opportunities for Aspies and NTs and it is my privilege to participate.

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